LUBRICK BANDOG is a producer of original solutions in the scope of IT systems. It specializes in managment and monitoring of systems and in high-availability system designs. The Company’s products combine innovation, simplicity of use together with powerful open source software. This is the main goal our employees put first when designing new solutions.

The Company was established in 2008 as an initiative of some experienced IT specialists. The group of satisfied clients is still growing and the company is winning higher recognition on the market – several of system designs sold for some of largest clients in target market area.

Our clients mostly include entities from the markets of: telecommunications, information portals and e-commerce. In the field of own product sale, LUBRICK BANDOG cooperates with the biggest system integrators and complex IT solution providers in Serbia and near region.


outsourcing, server managment, monitoring, middleware, system design, system managment, high-availability, managed cloud, nearsourcing, cloud computing